Living Dead Girl

A brand new outfit has hit the store and let me tell you what a treat we have for you, the most detailed high quality sexy cheeky little number with boots to die for!

Living Dead Girl in Zombie Cyanide

This shirt has redsnap™  - a system that helps you to take a snapshot of a specific area of your avatar's body.  This snapshot has to be placed as a texture on the breast sculpted prim which almost seamlessly matches to the rest of your avatar's skin.
So you're a single snapshot away to matching this shirt to your individual skin,  no matter what kind of skin you have, tanned, ethnic, furry, goth, even including your own tattoos!

Available in store and the marketplace now!!!


You Biker Bish!

A brand new fabulous outfit has hit the store, a sexy biker leather jacket with loads of detail as well as fantastic belt and boots. You'd be crazy to miss out on this one! Grab it at the store or marketplace now!

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How passionate are you?

Secret Passions in Pink

A brand new outfit has hit the store for this Valentines Day, with sensual hud-controlled shoes for ease of resizing and colour matching to your own skin tone. This passionate outfit is available to view in world at our store before you've even purchase on our new demo mannequin in the entrance. Secret Passions is available in other sexy colours at the store and also on the marketplace, a promo version with a $L100 off the normal price and a Midnight Mania Exclusive version is also up for grabs!

Also in our Picks for Prizes board is another fantastic freebie for you to obtain...

...we just love spoiling you all here at Patchwork Heart!


On the Money

A new outfit available at the store and for those that want more than an advert to show you what you get in our outfits, then we have brand new mannequin in our store that shows everything in great detail! So now you know you get fantastic quality for a fabulous low price before you even buy!

We also have a brand new Bargain Basement Range situated in our basement under the stairs, only $L50 an outfit, or if you have the time then you can camp for them! See if you can be brave enough to stay there...


Catch my Heart

It's getting close to that time of year again, where love is in the air and everywhere you look there are hearts and candy and all things amour! So here at PatchWork Heart we've brought to you the first of our 'loved up' fashion creations... be prepared for more coming soon!

Heart Catcher in Blue

Heart Catcher in Pink

Many more colour options are available in-world at our new store and on the Marketplace

Evil Gnomes

There's an epidemic of evil gnomes at the store right now, we're over run by them!

Be warned though, they might not have the nicest compliments to say to you. In fact I don't even think they know how to give compliments! And in case you think it's because the little guy is so small, so he's making up for anything he lacks... well they come in large too!

Come and find them at the store and the marketplace!