Grimm Halloween Hunt

Come on over to Patchwork Heart and find a grimm little ghost in order to get this fabulous gift for the Grimm Halloween Hunt - October 1 – 31. You'll also find a candy laden belt filled to the brim with lots of goodies from your trick or treating! 

*Gretel outfit is not safe for witches - please keep far away from ovens!*


Are you feeling sinful?

From the 13th September to the 20th September, PatchWork Heart are participating in the first of the Seven Deadly Sins Hunt. Come down to the store and see you if you can take a big luscious bite of our lustful juicy red apple and find an exclusive sexy outfit inside.

Eric the Elf

Catnip cookie has released their second avatar in a box, again at L$250 for everything listed below! 

  • Very Detailed Male Skin
  • An Exclusive Eric Shape 
  • Magical Green Eyes
  • Blonde hair 
  • Pierced Elf Ears
  • Leather Sculpted boots (viewer 2 compliant)
  • Detailed outfit -Jeans and Shirt
  • Sculpted Leather Thong necklace

A complete bargain at only 250 lindens! Available in-world at the Store or on XStreet.

Advanced components of this Avi will be available soon in-store with colour change options and special features

CatNip Cookie will be offering a range of Role Play enhancing items for serious Rpers of Second life, be you vampire, goth, neko, elf, drow, pixie, witch, demon, fairy, or even human we have something for everyone.. check out our future products in-world!


Hunt for RP

For the whole of this month, both Patchwork Heart and Catnip Cookie are participating in the Hunt for RP hunt. The prizes in little brown canvas bags are hidden in both the main store and one of our extending stores in a wonderful role play sim called Goth City
So come and see if you can find both of them over at Catnip Cookie and Patchwork Heart.

For more details on the hunt go here!