My those ruffles are raunchy!

Raunchy Ruffles in Cyan

PatchWork Heart and Gelfy Creative have another wonderful outfit to hit the shelves. raunchy ruffled see-thru lacy lingerie bodice with garters, suspenders, panties and stockings, paired with shiny prim knee high boots. With many options of how to wear it, whether you wish to wear it under your clothes or even spice up another outfit by wearing it as 'overwear' *wink*, your sure to be undressed to impressed!

Available in eight colours, and for one week only the Blue version is completely free in our Group Midnight Mania Board!

Promo version available on the Marketplace and in Store now!


Giving me the Cheak...

Lot of new outfits have hit the store today with more than just a little cheek to them. The first being a collaboration between PatchWork Heart and Gelfy Creative.  Two sexy little dresses in each outfit pack that shows off all your best assets, along with steal high heeled stiletto shoes to match.

Cheeky Cheaky in Blue

...and if that wasn't enough Patchwork Heart also has another new dress that leaves very little to the imagination (remember to wear your panties, unless you're very brave!)

The Leather Mini in Blue

Lots of colour options are available for both outfits with of course a promo version in both, also there is a group midnight mania board over at the store to be in with a chance to get this freebie only pink version.

The Leather Mini in Pink *Freebie*

So come on over to the store or go straight to the marketplace to see all the wonderful new stuff!