Elf in a box

Catnip Cookie has released their first avatar in a box and at only L$250 this complete Avatar in one handy box comes with everything that you could need to start out!

  • Skin
  • Shape
  • Prim pierced elf ears (Texture matched to the skin)
  • Magical green eyes
  • Sassy messed up pixie hair
  • Complete outfit, with silky top and naughty low rise skirt (with skirt prim attachment)
  • Fantastic silky prim shoes (texture matched to the skin)
  • And to finish it off you also get the jewellery

Exquisitely detailed fully sculpted necklace and matching leather thong bracelets.

All for the total bargain price of 250 lindens! Available at XStreet and at the Store.

Advanced components of this Avi will be available soon in-store with colour change options and special features

CatNip Cookie will be offering a range of Role Play enhancing items for serious Rpers of Second life, be you vampire, goth, neko, elf, drow, pixie, witch, demon, fairy, or even human we have something for everyone.. check out our future products in-world!

Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Diamonds are truly a girls best friend in this outfit, and for that matter the lucky person who'll you'll be wearing it for. This decadent saucy little number is a pure delight, not just a dress but lingerie too, and lets not forget the diamond pasties! What more could you want? Oh boots too, yeah you get those elegant heels too! What's even better is the fact that the Onyx version is L$100 off, yes this whole great set for only L$150!

Available on XStreet and in the Store

...and don't forget the other versions of this saucy little outfit available at the store in the Midnight Mania and Picks for Prizes Boards!

Tempting peak...

...at Fridays future release!

Sixty Linden Weekend Exclusive

60L, yes you heard it right 60L! Another absolute steal of an offer... you get the whole Sgt. Sexy outfit in teal available at this price for the weekend because of the wicked fun group we joined Sixty Linden Weekends, so you got plenty of time over the weekend to go snap it up quick! 

Available in Store or on XStreet

NEW OUTFIT - Sgt. Sexy

Sgt. Sexy in Pink

A brand new sexy outfit that will have your Man standing to attention in seconds! * Grins *
Bring out the hot authoritarian in you, GI Jane eat your heart out! This outfit has so much in the box it's busting to be opened... a tight slinky camouflage dress with a tattered hem, matching buckled boots, tied bandanna's to fit on your arm, wrist and leg, black leather gloves and even some dog tags to set the whole thing off. A steal of a promo price at only L$150! And if pink isn't your colour, well there are plenty of others out there for you to choose from.

So pop over to the Store in world, or browse our stuff on XStreet and find it there along with all our other great buys!

*Be sure to pop over to the store though to check out exclusive colours of this outfit in the Midnight Mania Board and the Prizes for Picks!


Flickr Group

PatchWork Heart @ flickr

We have a flickr group for all your photos and pretties of PatchWork Heart INC. related products, and in the future we'll be running fabulous photo contests with wonderful prizes!

You can post anything ya like, as long as it includes something made by:

PatchWork Heart

Gelfy Creative

Catnip Cookie

...so why don't you go have a look and maybe come show us what your wearing, hopefully with a smile :D 

Funky Punky Toxic Rainbow

Funky Punky Toxic Rainbow

*GC&PWH* Funky PunkyToxic Rainbow

A steal of a price at only 60L, this special version of the Funky Punky outfit was produced for the Sixty Linden Weekends Group. A fabulous outfit comprising of a funky corset with rainbow laces, the most tiniest, shortest leather skirt you could possible find, ripped fishnet stockings, laced up torn fishnet gloves, an arm belt as well as a very charming waist belt, and if that wasn't enough you'll also find the most funkiest awesome boots that complete this fabulous set!

Be sure to check out our future realises for the Sixty Linden Weekends Group. You'd be silly to miss out!



PatchWorkHeart Store Policy
  • Accidental mis-purchases of wrong products will not be refunded.
  • Accidental double purchases of items will be refunded with Store Credit of the same value upon notice with both transactions' details.
  • Non-deliveries can be re-sent by using our Re-delivery Kiosk located in the entrance of the store.
  • If the kiosk fails to re-deliver, send your transaction details via IM to Dj Mixemup. Please allow up to 72 hours for a response. 
  • Custom fitting of prim attachments is not available - All items are mod with scripts for self-adjustment.
  • Other issues will be subject to be reviewed. Please contact Dj Mixemup with your issue and any relevant information to help speed a satisfactory result.

I paid but did not receive the item.

Sometimes technology is not our friend and mistakes happen. The fastest way to get your product re-delivered is to come to the store and activate our re-delivery kiosk situated by the front entrance.

  • Select the kiosk and in the blue menu choose Past Buys.
  • In local chat click on the weblink which will take you to an external website.
  • All your past products will be displayed there, choose the items you wish to be re-delivered.

If problems still persist then IM Dj Mixemup. All IM's are recorded by email. Please allow up to 72 hours for a response. If no contact has been made please forgive us and IM her again.

  What should you include in the IM?

  • The name of the product
  • Whether it was bought through the marketplace website or inworld
  • The transaction number/SL Sales ID of the purchase

How to get the number?

1. If you purchased the product through the marketplace, log into your account there, and on the top horizontal menu go to My Marketplace -> Order History. Locate the correct item and copy the ID number.

2. In the case of inworld purchase, log into your account @ secondlife.com website. In the left side menu go to Account -> Transaction history. Locate the correct item and copy the ID number.

In case you cannot find and provide the transaction number, we are unable to verify your purchase and unfortunately cannot redeliver the product.

My Item has disappeared/deleted from my Inventory.

Get your product re-delivered, come to the store and activate our re-delivery kiosk situated by the front entrance.
  • Select the kiosk and in the blue menu choose Past Buys.
  • In local chat click on the weblink which will take you to an external website.
  • All your past products will be displayed there, choose the items you wish to be re-delivered.

If the desired item you want to be re-delivered is not listed then please IM Dj Mixemup with your transaction number and details of your case - it will be reviewed and you'll be contacted with further details asap.

A general advice: If the item is copy, make backups, and always save the transaction number for the purchase. You will need it in case something goes wrong.

Do you produce custom orders?

No custom orders are accepted at the moment. However we do welcome product ideas! Hit us with your wishes and some of them might appear in the product line

Please DO NOT send Notecards as these have a tendancy to get capped or lost!



Please contact the following people in-world:-

   Dj Mixemup

Gelfy Sorbet



About Us

We are a Second Life Store located in the Sim of Buttermere. There are three separate stores that reside there, Patchwork Heart, K@z, and Static Moments.

PatchWork Heart brings you quality clothing at affordable prices.

We have a wonderful range of full outfits for most tastes.
Outfits come complete with shoes or boots for the affordable price of 250L, with a marketplace promo price at only 150L for the first month of its release. So have a look and grab a bargain!

Patchwork Heart Marketplace.

K@z offers a range of Animation Overides for your avatar, all at a low low price. Examples are available at the store for preview.

Static Moments is a pose store with friendships and fashion blogs in mind, cute simple poses with affordable prices to enhance any of your snapshots with-in Second Life. This Store is located in the attic at PatchWork Heart.



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