New outfits to shine in!


A Futuristic sexy outfit that will make you smile widely and feel happy all day
This wonderful corset ensemble is sexy yet covers you up where it counts, and if you feel more comfortable with it you can always wear it as underwear.

Included in this outfit.
Corset Shirt layer
Panties Pants/underwear Layers
Sexy futuristic boots

Prims Mod by Script/ No Trans
Clothes No Mod/ No Trans

Available in 7 colours



Sparkle like a thousand stars on the night sky in this sexy and provocative dress. Showing off your butt and legs this dress is not for the faint of heart.

Included in this outfit.
Dress Shirt/Pants Layers
Jacket Top Jacket/Dual shirt  Layers
Sparkly High Heels

Available in 8 colours

Both available at the store now!

Fruity Gacha

Our Gacha machines have just been stocked up with a load of fruity lingerie, all are transferable for you to give away if you wish. At only 50$L they're a delicious treat!

...are you feeling lucky?



New Lucky Boards at PatchWork Heart, come on over and see if your initial is there!

Easter Egg Hunt

Come to the PatchWork Heart store and keep an eye out for any bouncing eggs thrown your way, if you notice your initial on it then click away to get one of eight versions of this cute and stripy outfit called candy.


Reopening of Patchwork Heart

We had radio silence for a few months but we've still been here in the background making new stuff and improving the PatchWork Heart range. Across the store we've improved all our old items and most of them now come with Lolas and :mused: breast applicators. So come on over, see all our new items and pick up a few of our new freebies too!